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Login page for the Berkeley campus application portal: myBerkeleyApplication (NOTE: Applicants will receive myBerkeleyApplication login information in January.)

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Transfer Units and Coursework Policies

ONLINE FORMS: Requests for Applicant Update (AU) or other coursework information

ONLINE FORMS: Troubleshooting

ONLINE FORMS: Checking/changing information on forms

ONLINE FORMS: Transferable GPA form

ONLINE FORMS: Reading and Composition form

ONLINE FORMS: Work in Progress form

ONLINE FORMS: Deadlines for Submission


The link to myBerkeleyApplication is:

Q:  How do I know that I have completed all of the tasks that Berkeley requires?
A:  In January, you will be able to log on to myBerkeleyApplication and review your personal Required Forms list. It will display your list of tasks and the date that you last completed an online submission for each task. You should continue to check the myBerkeleyApplication website and your email regularly for information updates. The system will note date/time of your last update. The link to myBerkeleyApplication is:

Q:  Other students at my college were asked to complete additional forms. How do I know that I’ve submitted everything I’m supposed to submit to Berkeley? Am I missing some forms?
A:  The specific forms that each transfer applicant is asked to submit will vary depending on the College or School at Berkeley to which they applied, their intended major, and whether or not they attended institutions other than a California Community College. Your Required Forms list will show everything we need you to submit. However, beginning in January, continue to check myBerkeleyApplication  and your email regularly for information updates.

Q:  When should I send you my official transcripts?
A:  Please do not send transcripts or other information to Berkeley unless requested. If we need more information, we will contact you by email. Most students give us enough information in their applications for us to make a sound decision. After admission decisions are posted on myBerkeleyApplication, each admitted student will see their own Conditions of Admission, which will explain the specific documents Berkeley requires.

Q:  How can I cancel my Berkeley application?
A:  Email us at  or send a fax to 510-642-7333, Attn: Grace Reuyan. Please include your full name and application identification number. We will confirm your cancellation request with you and then we will cancel your application.

Q:Where would AP exam scores be posted on myBerkeleyApplication?
A: AP exam scores are not posted on myBerkeleyApp until a student accepts an offer of admission. At that point, scores are usually available in July.

Transfer Units and Coursework Policies

Q:  Is it true that I'm not eligible to transfer to Berkeley because I will need the summer to finish my required coursework?
Q:  Is it true that I'm not eligible to transfer to Berkeley because I have not completed the necessary breadth/IGETC courses, even though I have taken difficult courses?
A:  Yes. Admission decisions are based on your current grades and courses and all requirements must be met by the end of the spring term. If you feel you have an unusually compelling case to make, write it in the "Comments" box of the appropriate form on your Required Forms list at myBerkeleyApplication.

Q:  If my total number of UC transferable units is over 80, am I eligible for admission?
A:  Unfortunately, not if you've applied to the College of Letters and Science, where most applicants with excess units are denied admission.  If you've applied to the College of Engineering, Chemistry, Environmental Design, Natural Resources or Haas School of Business, your application will be reviewed and there may be a slight chance of admission with excess transferable units.  Exception: If all of your coursework has been or will be completed at one or more California community colleges, you are eligible for admission and the maximum transfer credit you can receive is 70 semester (105 quarter) units.

Q:  I’m not sure if a course I’ve taken might substitute for a required course.  Whom can I ask?
A:  In the interest of fairness and equal treatment for all students, Berkeley staff cannot discuss these issues personally with applicants. You must use the space provided in the “Comments” section of each form to explain your specific case.  If we need more information, we will contact you by email and/or phone.

ONLINE FORMS: Requests for Applicant Update (AU) or other coursework information

Q:  Why is Berkeley asking me for more information?  I have called the UC Application Processing center and they say that I have provided everything.
Q:  I already completed the University of California Applicant Update (AU) form, but I keep getting emails/letters saying I still need to provide additional information.  What's going on?
Q:  I completed the Applicant Update (AU) form. Do I need to complete any other forms because I have applied to other UC Campuses?
A:  The Berkeley Admissions Office requires all transfer applicants to submit supplemental information in order to evaluate their applications for admission. Although you must also complete the Applicant Update form required by the University of California, we need additional information for your application to Berkeley. Please log in to myBerkeleyApplication for your personal Required Forms list.

Our campus and the University of California will send follow up requests if they have not received your submitted form(s).

Q:  I completed the Berkeley online forms, but how do I submit them?
A:  Click the "submit" button at the bottom  of the form. You can always come back later if you wish to check your submission or correct an error. Do not work longer than 15 minutes before submitting a form to ensure that it is saved. You may open the form again and work another 15 minutes and submit, and so on, until you have completed the form.

Q: I submitted my University of California Applicant Update (AU) form before the deadline, but it did not get transmitted to myBerkeleyApplication until after the deadline. Will it still be accepted?
A: Yes, as long as it is submitted before the deadline it will be accepted, even if it reaches myBerkeleyApplication after the deadline. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to review forms submitted AFTER the deadline.

ONLINE FORMS: Problems Completing Online Forms

Q:  I tried to access the Berkeley web form to fill it out, but my computer keeps freezing up. 
A:  If you were able to log on to your personal Required Forms list at myBerkeleyApplication and were able to click on the online form before your computer froze, it is very likely a problem with your specific workstation. Please try a different workstation at your college or at a local library or community facility.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but it is still necessary to submit these forms online. The link to myBerkeleyApplication is:

Q:  I have tried to fill out my online form several times.  Each time I go back to check it, but most of the information I typed is gone.
Q:  The information that I typed on my form does not show up.  Do I need to re-enter it again or did you get it?
Q:  Every time I try to submit my form I get taken back to the sign-in page, and I think the data I entered is gone.  Did you get it?
A:  What you see is what Berkeley received.  Please try again, but this time:

  1. Complete just one or two lines and then submit the form.  Then open the form again and you should see what you just typed. Now work for 10-15 minutes and submit the form again. Do this until the form is complete. We have noticed that some applicants have timeout issues, and this method works for them. 
  2. Look for red error messages. Some forms contain questions that require your answers to be within a specific range or you cannot submit the form. Many of our applicants overlook the statement explaining that their answers are outside the range of acceptable answers. 
  3. After you complete the form, come back one last time and review your form. 

ONLINE FORMS: Checking/Changing Online Forms

Q:  I submitted my forms, but how do I know that Berkeley got them? How can I be sure that Berkeley got what I sent?
A:  Go back to your personal Required Forms list at myBerkeleyApplication. You should see a submit date beside your form(s).  If you want to confirm that the information was submitted properly, then click and open the form.  What you see on your computer screen is what Berkeley received.

Q:  I submitted my form before I was finished.  How can I change it?
Q:  I submitted my form incorrectly (or noticed an error).  What do I do?
A:  Go back to your personal Required Forms list at myBerkeleyApplication, click on the form and attempt to change it.  Please note, however, that we may be unable to consider any further changes to these forms once we begin the evaluation process.

ONLINE FORMS: Transferable GPA Form

Q:  I am sure that I have entered everything correctly on the Transferable Grade Summary -- totals and all, but it will not let me submit the form.  Why do I keep getting an error message saying something about my totals not adding up?
A:  Do rows 1 through 14 add up to the number in "All Transferable Units"? They should.  You need to record just your transferable units. If you are sure rows 1-14 are correct, then record the sum of these rows in "All Transferable Units.”

ONLINE FORMS: Reading and Composition Form

Q:  I gave the Reading & Composition questionnaire to my instructor to complete.  How can I make sure it was submitted?
Q:  How do I know that you received my Reading & Composition questionnaire?
A:  Unfortunately, the admissions office cannot check on this form for you. If you checked with your instructor and it was submitted by the deadline, the College of Letters & Science should receive it—don't worry.

Q:  Do I have to provide the Reading & Composition questionnaire if I am a transfer applicant from a UC campus?
A:  It depends—you may have fulfilled this requirement via UC reciprocity. Check your messages and list of Required Forms at myBerkeleyApplication.

ONLINE FORMS: Application Update

Q:  Am I required to submit an SAT/AP?
A:  No. SATs/APs/IBs can be used to fulfill certain breadth requirements. If you are offered admission and we need official scores, you will be instructed to submit them July 15.

Q:I have additional information to report. What do I do?
Q: There isn't enough room to fill in my information. What do I do?

A:  There are two ways to add more information to the Application Update form: 1) Put the information in the "Comment" box, which follows each question/item 2) Scroll to the bottom of the page (end of the form) and put any additional information in the "Additional Information" box.

ONLINE FORMS: Deadline for Submission

Q:  My fall grades will not be available before the form is due.  What should I do?
A:  Submit the form with just the courses listed.  You may come back later to update your grades. Be sure to note in the "Comments" box that your grades were not yet available and the date you expect to receive them. Please note, however, that we may be unable to consider any further changes to these forms once we begin the evaluation process.

Q:  I know when my online forms are due, but I am not able to comply (out of the country/incapacitated/working, etc.).  I cannot get to my transcript information for at least two weeks (a month, two months, etc.).  Is that OK?
A:  We understand that some applicants have special circumstances, and we encourage you to submit your online forms, no matter how late they may be. Nonetheless, please be aware that Berkeley cannot delay the campus’ admission process. It is in your best interest to submit these forms promptly. Please note, however, that we may be unable to consider any further changes to these forms once we begin the evaluation process.

Q: What happens if I don't submit the required forms?
A: Your chances for admission will be jeopardized. We encourage you to submit them by the deadline.


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