ATTENTION: All applicants for the fall 2016 term (and beyond) will receive a confirmation email from UC Berkeley with login credentials to the new student application portal, MAP@Berkeley. For more details, see:

If you are a school advocate, teacher or counselor working with a student who has applied to Berkeley, please visit our website for the most up to date information.

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Login page for the Berkeley campus application portal: myBerkeleyApplication (NOTE: Applicants will receive myBerkeleyApplication login information in January.)



Transfer Applicant Questions (Including online form information)

myBerkeleyApplication Login FAQs and Problems  (NOTE: Applicants will receive login information in JANUARY.)

Q:  Where can I get a summary of my online application?
A:  Visit the My UC Application website at:

Q:  How can I confirm that Berkeley received my application?
A:  You may confirm that we received your application the following ways: 

  • The University of California Undergraduate Application Processing Service emails a confirmation letter within 4-5 weeks of receipt of each application
  • In early January, the Berkeley campus also sends a confirmation email that your application has been forwarded to our campus.
  • Once you receive the confirmation email from UC Berkeley, you may go to myBerkeleyApplication to set up a Berkeley password and log into Berkeley’s applicant website. [If the website is not yet available, it will tell you when to come back.]

Q:  When should I send you my official transcripts and all of my test scores?
A:  Please do not send documents or other information to Berkeley unless requested. If we need more information from an applicant, we will contact you. Most students give us enough information in their applications for us to make a sound decision. After admission decisions are posted on myBerkeleyApplication, each admitted student will see their own Conditions of Admission explaining exactly what official documents Berkeley requires.

Q:  How can I cancel my Berkeley application?
A:  Please email us at  or send a fax to 510-642-7333, Attn: Grace Reuyan. Please include your full name and application identification number. We will confirm your cancellation request with you and then we will cancel your application.

Q: Can I submit an application after November 30th?
A: No, we will not accept late applications.

Q:  Can I change the major (and/or college/school) I applied for at Berkeley?
A:  No. After you submit your application, we wil not allow you to change the major and/or college/school.

Q:  How can I correct a misspelled name on my application?
A:  You must notify the UC Admissions office in one of the following ways:

  • Visit the My UC Application website and log in. Then click on the Update Account Information link. You may change your personal information there, and the UC Admissions Office will send an update to every UC campus to which you have applied. 
  • If you cannot visit the website, then call UC Admissions: In California: 800-523-2048; Out of California: 925-808-2181; Deaf and Hearing Impaired Callers: TDD 925-521-9280. Ask the operator for UC admissions processing. If you cannot call, then you may send an email to UC Admissions at:

Q: I noticed that my application/personal statement(s) has several typos and grammatical errors—Is there any way that I can correct these errors?
A:  Out of fairness to all applicants, only changes in critical information (new school, new address, curriculum changes) may be made to UC application data. Please remember that, typically, minor grammatical or spelling errors will not change the final admissions outcome.

Q: How can I correct my Social Security number?
A: Visit the My UC Application website and log in. Then click on the Update Account Information link. You may change your personal information there, and the UC Admissions Office will send an update to every UC campus to which you have applied. Or, send a fax to UC Berkeley at 510-642-7333, Attn: Grace Reuyan. Please include your full name, application identification number, date of birth and new Social Security number. DO NOT EMAIL your Social Security number.

Q:  I have recently had a grade changed by one of my teachers/instructors/professors. Will this affect my application or my chances of admission?
Q: I added (or dropped or changed) my coursework after submitting my application. Do I need to let you know?
A:  You must let us know, in writing, about any changes to your courses or grades by mail or fax. Please send your signed letter to:

Course/Grade Change Request
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
University of California
103 Sproul Hall #5800
Berkeley, California 94720-5800
Fax:  510-642-7333

Please note that providing misinformation could result in a cancellation of your admission to Berkeley.

Q:  I have just completed a course/program/competition/activity which I would like to add to my application. Is there any way that I can do this?
Q:  How can I add letter of recommendation, a new commendation, award, honor, etc., to my UC application?  Is it too late?
A:  Out of fairness to all applicants, Berkeley does not permit or review unsolicited information. If the campus requires additional information, a form will be displayed in your personal checklist on our secure applicant website, myBerkeleyApplication. Typically, unsolicited information or changes to your application will not alter our final admission decision. PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE providing new information with correcting false or misleading information on your application. If you have provided information which is no longer true (e.g., you have a grade change or you have dropped a class) you must immediately notify Berkeley in writing about this change.

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